Services and Pricing

We charge absolutely nothing for our services. Absolutley $0.

We represent leaning institutions and receive a fee from them.

Regardless whether you enrole in a course directly with a college or through us, the fees are exacly the same. However when you employ our company, you will receive so many more benefits.

Whilst we do not charge, there are obviously expenses which must be taken into account;

Tuition fees obviously vary greatly. They vary based on course, location and duration. These fees can generally be paid in installments over the duration of the course, so you don’t have to pay them all upfront. When you choose to use Come Study Australia, you can opt to pay these fees directly to the college.

Airfares can vary greatly depending on your departure point, time of travel and airline. Come Study Australia can assist with choosing the best deal for your needs.

When moving to Australia, there are numerous different accommodation options available to you. From home stays, boarding houses, shared and private housing to college accommodation. There are also some accommodation providers that include services such as meals and can cater for couples if necessary. Let Come Study Australia help you in choosing the right option based on your living preferences and budget.

Applying for a visa for Australia can be challenging. If the course you choose is less than 3 months, then only a visitor visa is necessary. The Australian immigration dept charges from AUD$150 for visitor visa . However, if the course you decide is longer than 3 months, then generally a student visa must be applied for. The Australian immigration dept will charge AUD$650 for a student visa. Also remember that if you are bringing family members with you, separate visa applications must be made for them. Come Study Australia will assist in all your study visa requirements. 

Whilst these points may seem daunting to your budget, remember an important point. When you are in Australia, you (and your partner) are allowed to work. During teaching times, you will be allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight, however during study break, you are allowed to increase these hours. Australia’s unemployment rate is currently at record lows. Businesses are crying out for extra staff, which means it has never been easier to get a job in Australia, quite often above the minimum award. Let Come Study Australia assist you in finding employment, possibly before you even arrive.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test that you may have to complete to satisfy your college enrolment along with visa requirements. In some instances, you may be exempt from having to complete this test. IELTS test can vary slightly depending on the test location, but generally  costs between AUD$300-400. Talk to Come Study Australia to determine if you are required to sit this test, let us give you test  pointers and assist in booking the test.

When you arrive in Australia, there will be day to day living expenses to consider. Food, entertainment, utilities (such as phone bills etc), travelling and experiencing Australia. All these things come at a cost and can be as little or as much as you want depending on your lifestyle choice and budget. Talk to Come Study Australia, to get an understanding of what costs are in Australia and potentially do a budget.

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