About Us

Come Study Australia is a registered education agency and our company is valued and respected by Australian Education Institutions and the students we assist to enroll and study in Australia.

About Come Study Australia

Come Study Australia helps international students to realize their dreams and flourish in Australia. We strive to give you the best experience possible and realize that this step is a huge one in your life. We value ourselves on integrity and base our entire business plan on helping you succeed. We are valued and respected by the learning institutions in Australia and by the students we have assisted.

Reasons to use our services

1. It is  completely free to you. 

Why is this free? 

It is easy we are funded by the Australian learning institutions.

2. We are by your side through the whole journey with expert advice and assistance even after your arrival. We seamlessly assist you with getting you enrolled and ensuring your visa gets processed with as much easy as possible.

3. We can assist with accommodation and have knowledge about this sector ensuring you get value for money.

4. We assist with finding employment and will advise on the best way to go about this. Getting you employed while you study.

5. Why do it on your own if you can use experts that will not charge you for their services.

Come Study Australia