Study in Austalia

You have decided to study in Australia but you have no idea where to begin. What course do you select and with what learning institution, how do you get enrolled in a course and how do you apply for the student visa? Where do you stay and can you work and if you can how do you go about this? We at Come Study Australia can help you with course selection, enrollment, student visa application and much much more.

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How will this benefit you?

Clear up the confusion

If you have ever considered studying in Australia, I'm sure you would feel overwhelmed with what to do. What should I study, where will I live, how can I work, how do I apply for a visa etc etc etc. Come Study Australia is here to help!! Our registered education agents are experts in this complicated process. We will give you all the information so you can make an informed decision.

Help every step of the way

We completely understand how daunting, frightening yet exciting, the idea of going to another country is. We know the process and will guide you through everything, trying where ever possible to make this huge transition easier. We will hold your hand through every step of the process from initial consultation till completion of your degree and beyond.

Absolutely no charge to You

Come Study Australia will not charge you for anything. That is right $0. All services we offer you are absolutely free of charge. We represent different learning institutions, and get paid by them. There are however third party expenses that you will need to cover (eg. tuition fees, plane tickets etc.).

What we do.


Our initial consultation is really about determining what your goals are. What do you want to study, where do you want to study, do you want to bring family members, what future pathways are available for more permanent visas in the future? Lets talk about your dreams and ambitions and make them become reality.


Once you have decided on the course you want to study, lets get you enrolled. We will apply to your desired college and seek a letter of offer. If you are happy, then we will proceed to a confirmation of enrollment (CoE)

Visa application

Applying for an Australian visa can be a complicated process. We will assist with liaising with the Australian immigration department to achieve your Australian visa. Also if you wish to bring family members to Australia with you, we are here to help.

Employment Options

When you (and your partner) come to Australia on a student visa, you are allowed to work. This can be a great way to earn additional income and be further emersed in the Australian culture. You could also potentially enter the same field as you are studying, which will compliment your learning experience and make future pathways to permanent residency visa's easier to obtain. Come Study Australia can assist in finding the right job for you and make you job ready by applying for tax file numbers etc.

Pre Departure

Course enrollment and Visa's are only a small part of this journey. What about accommodation options, starting bank accounts, drivers license, airport pick ups etc etc etc. We have your back !!

Arrival and Beyond

Our services don't end when you arrive, in fact, they have only just begun. We are always there for you to assist. Our relationship with you can potentially last for years, spanning into further education courses and pathways to more permenant visa's in Australia